Free Sample Kits

Free Sample Kits/ Librarys für Softwaresampler (Native Instruments Battery/ Native instruments Kontakt / Steinberg Groove Agent One / Logic EXS / uvm.)

Free Loops (hier gibt es auf Free-VST-Plugins…)


Soundshifter Sample Packs – Tolle Seite mit endlosen und ständig aktualisierten Links zu Sample Kits und Sample Librarys for free!!

Waldorf Pulse Samples – 22.5 MB – Large collection of samples from
the waldorf pulse synth, a vintage synth that was in a class of it’s own.
Used by many classic electronic genres.

Acoustic Drum Samples – 0.9 MB – Small and useful collection of acoustic
drum samples. I’m really not sure what set these are from but I’ve used
them for beats and layering several times with good results.

Korg Drum Samples – 6.9 MB – Beat samples from Korg.


Electric Kick Samples – 4.3 MB – This is a GREAT collection of kick samples
I have been working on.

Random Samples – 7.2 MB – A sweet little collection of samples from a good friend.

Speak & Spell Sound Samples – 0.3 MB – Speak and Spell samples!

Dark Sound Samples – 1.2 MB – I forgot where I grabed these samples from
but they are really cool, distorted original sounds.

Water Samples – 0.7 MB – A few strange water samples, well recorded.

Phone Samples – 0.2 MB – Phone sounds, rings and tones. Why not.

Hit Samples – 0.9 MB – Very dark sounds, hits and noises.

Vocal Samples – 0.2 MB – English female voice synth, very realistic saying things
like boosters, automatic, ect…